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Markus Lehmann

As a developer I want to develop state of the art, high quality and tested software in order to make happy users and clients.


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About Me

Hello, I am a mobile developer with backend expierence!

I am developing software for more than 16 years. In the last six years I have found my passion in devloping mobile apps. Most of the time for Android.

Flutter is the new fire in the Cross Plattform world. In the beginning of 2020 I started developing an app for the emergency sector in Flutter with three of my friends. Our backend is hosted at AWS.

I have worked for more than four years as a Senior Consultant in the Health Sector at IBM. In that time I have done the architectureal design, development and several client integrations.

Back then my most interresting project was the electronic health record system known in Germany as elektronische Gesundheitsakte (eGA) and elektronische Patientenakte (ePA).

  • UML
  • AWS Lamda, EC2, Cognito, ..
  • SQL
  • Keycloak
  • Python
  • Hybernate, JPA
  • Spring
  • Flutter / Dart
  • iOS, Swift, Objective C
  • Angular JS
  • PHP
  • Capacitor
  • SAP UI5
  • Javascript, Typescript, CSS, HTML
  • Android
  • Kotlin
  • Java
  • Rx Kotlin / RX Java
  • Dagger 2
  • LiveData, Room, MVVM
  • OpenID, OAuth 2.0

Architectural Thinking

Issued by IBM

Attaining this badge demonstrates the ability to provide a repeatable and consistent approach to developing IT architectures via a common thought process that enables Architects to communicate and work together based on a common set of artifacts. The audience for this badge is primarily Architects and other IT professionals acting in the role of an Architect.

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Tuchtweg 18, 26129 Oldenburg

My Vision

Think design solution using in UML before starting development

Step back to see the overall

Choosing the correct architecture, framework or approach should be based on the current state of the software, the skillset of the people, state of the art,

To me an architect has to be part of the team. As an architect I am leading by example. I have an understanding about the used technologies, alternatives and their pros and cons. I know the systems around me and how they are interacting with each other.  

Developing software is like firefigting




I believe software development is  a circle I define, design,

build, test, …


The circumstances

step back to see the overall context before you build the solution

Know your users, know the product, requirements, depenedencies


architecture, flows, using UML


bla bla bla, documentation is important mister freeman


UI Test, Integration Tests, Unit Tests, testing the interaction of the layers

Developing software is like fighting fire

In my spare time I am a voluntary firefighter.

As a platoon leader of the CBRN defense forces of the city of Oldenburg I am responsible for up to 32 fire fighters in  vehicles. At you can learn more about my spare time activies and how you can support my or your local voluntary firebrigade.


In this emergency situations I can grow on my expierience and training where I recce, evaluate, plan, command and inspect.